Why MillionaireMatch.com Called as a Game-Changer in Millionaire Dating

Millionaire Match has been a credible site for dating since the time of its inception. The target audience for this dating site is successful individuals and beautiful singles. While the name tells us that it is a Millionaire Dating Site, it doesn’t specifically promote sugar daddy and sugar baby dating. It is a statement that MillionaireMatch.com has made time and again.

The concept of millionaire dating is nothing new. In fact, Millionaire Match alone has been around for nearly two decades. They have become the ultimate platform for millionaires to date beautiful singles. What makes MillionaireMatch.com so great is its openness to adapting to new environments and changing times.

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So, let’s find out why Millionaire Match is called the game-changer:

Member Structure

You will have a customizable profile that you can fill out when you want to. There are nearly 4 million individuals using the website actively. The males are the ones with a Gold member. This member structure has an equal division among men and women.

A large portion of its users live in the USA and are between 35 and 54 years of age. Many of the male members have the gold membership alongside a verified millionaire badge. These people spend most of their time on the website to post about their luxuries. Millionaire Match has a Members Luxuries page for it.

The female members of this Millionaire Dating Site spend most of their time making posts on the Forum. Every account on Millionaire Match is genuine, whether they are free or premium. The main reason is that the staff for this millionaire dating site strictly verify the accounts. This same method is applied when photos are uploaded.

Now, it may look as though it is hard to Date a Millionaire here with all these verification procedures. However, the verification procedures exist so that all the users remain safe. Some of the other dating sites usually aren’t as strict with the process. Due to that, people can sometimes catfish users.

Making Contact

The signing up process is short, worth 7-10 minutes with Millionaire Match. It depends primarily on how fast you are able to write a paragraph. This paragraph will exist to give other members a brief idea about you and your expectations. Initially, users have to face basic questions like their age, gender, first name and the gender they want to date.

The users will need to nominate a password and username after that. In this case, the millionaire dating site suggests that the username should not consist of parts of your actual name. Now, the users need to provide a little more personal information such as country, income, height, body type, etc. When you type in the basic information, you will then be able to upload a profile picture.

Now, you need to write paragraphs, mentioning aspects of yourself and your personality. These paragraphs must also include the gender you are looking to date. The length of these paragraphs needs to be 50 characters.

The last part of the verification process involves typing in your email id. Then you can completely use the site’s features. While the verification process seems tedious, it is more or less done to ensure ease of use for the members.

Profile Quality

There are four tabs with some important information and photo gallery in each member’s profile. The basic information of the user is stored in the first and second tab. These tabs contain the About Me and About My Match paragraphs. With these two paragraphs, it becomes easy to find a match for yourself.

These tabs also contain other basic information such as relationship status, yearly income, and net worth. The first two tabs have information regarding appearances, lifestyle and specific interests which the user may have. On the third tab, the users list the activities that they have an interest in.

Every tab contains details about the user in a way that reveals important aspects of his/her character. All the profiles in Millionaire Match and their pictures are subject to approval. The verification lasts between 2 and 24 hours. If a profile has fake information, then the website will automatically suspend it.

Since Millionaire Match emphasizes greatly on having an authentic profile, users can get a certified badge by providing actual information. It can be done by providing a readable ID. So, what are the benefits of having a certified badge? Well, it places your profile at the top of the search list.

Design and Usability

Quite a few Millionaire Dating Sites have a simple design, providing very little match-making features. However, Millionaire Match comes with a smooth and elegant design. It can easily match the target audience’s preferences.

There are exceptional interaction features as part of the menu bar for Millionaire Match. Some of those interaction features are placed in the dropdown tab with the title “My Community”. It makes the dating site quite convenient and easy to find. A lot of these interactive features cannot be found in other millionaire dating sites.

Every page contains different sidebars and depends on what that page is about. The perfect example for it is the Forum, which contains a sidebar of every main category of every question posted. There is a personal manager for the forum topics you follow.

The blog section is another fine example. There are a lot of recent posts as well as a personal blog status sidebar to go with it. So, Millionaire Match distinguishes itself from other millionaire dating sites and identifies as a game-changer.

To conclude, Millionaire Match is successful in removing the tag of sugar dating. It promotes same-age dating as well as respecting its user’s choices to date someone younger. So, it is clear why this is such a well-known millionaire dating site.

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